Our stairs

Our staircase is often remarked upon so we thought it deserved a page all to itself!

In order to maximise the available downstairs space we have what is called a Spacesaver staircase which has alternating treads. It is a short run of 13 treads, has a handrail on both sides and the staircase is much easier to master than might at first appear - and certainly safer (and more space efficient) than a spiral staircase.

We must, of course, stress that our stairs, and therefore the accommodation, are not appropriate for anyone with real mobility difficulties (nor small children). However, if you have any concerns about the stairs you might be reassured by what one delightful guest wrote to us after her stay: "As an 88-year-old, the stairs gave me the exercise I needed, so I shall return to Canada in much better shape than I arrived, and I really mean that!"

Spacesaver Stairs are manufactured by Stairplan in Telford. Here's a little tongue-in-cheek video clip of the chaps in the factory demonstrating just how easy they are!

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss the staircase suitability for a proposed guest, do contact us.